Personal details:

Name A. J. C. M. Spierings (Bert)
Nationality Dutch
Date of birth 13 June 1957
Telephone +31 (0)252 41 03 51 /+31 (0)653 166 631



Education: HTS (higher technical education) Architecture and Construction Engineering ( B.Sc.), HTS Technological Economics (B.Sc/ B.BA). In my career, I have constantly enhanced my knowledge and skills through ‘éducation permanent’: trainings such as NIMA B (product marketing and management), IBO business administration, Sales and Management training, NLP and training related to the techniques, insights, solutions, etc. of the trade and industry in which I worked.

Since 2013 I operate as a consultant. I am an Accredited Associate at the Institute of Independent Business.IIB Logo

In the past 33 years I have developed through positions in technical consulting, marketing, sales and management and developed into a general manager, interim manager and subsequently into entrepreneur and consultant. My experience is mainly in the B2B market and large-scale distribution in B2C markets. Often strong international focus and resulting in long-term relationships with many customers in the EU, Norway and Switzerland (= EUNS).

I have been working in the USA for a period of 18 month as interim general manager.

I worked at AKZONOBEL Decorative Paints Netherlands. Mainly dealing with professional clients, advising solutions to decision makers (real estate), managing maintenance costs of real estate, creating added values, introducing new products and technologies, leadership are valuable experiences in various positions.

Next, I worked almost continuously in the distribution of biocides for use by professionals in and around buildings. These biocides include insecticides, rodenticides, pheromones, bird control, wood preservatives, tools such as sprayers, traps, electric fly killers, mouse and rat boxes, etc. etc. In this period I was general manager and later majority shareholder of RIWA. I also held various positions (spokesperson, treasurer) the industry association NVPB.
I developed RIWA from a Dutch company into a company focused, on product side, sourcing products from all continents and delivered said products to colleagues in the EUNS.

My years of experience in the distribution of professional pest management products in the EU, Norway and Switzerland makes it possible for me to accept all kinds of asignments and execute them successfully. Market research, product introductions, introducing suppliers to distributors, etc. In other words all kinds of activities in the field of interim and project management, marketing, sales, ......

The activities in RIWA were interrupted by my interim management assignment in the US for a flower bulb company with a branch in Norfolk, Virginia. A very instructive time gaining experience on how to do business in the US. My main task was to make the operation in the US suitable for acquisition (in current terms "lean and mean"). 

Work experience:

September 2013- current: Senior Consultant/ owner Cleon International & Independent; Business & Markets

For a listing of projects and commissions executed by CLEON see website in menu at Cleon and sub-menu Referenties/ Photo's

In addition CLEON is every day working on transferring knowledge and skills to the service industry, among others, in the use of internet, websites, online stores, retaining customers and gaining new ones. What is "service industry". It is a name for all companies that install products, machines, etc. in buildings, industrial sites, etc. They provide services, all kinds of (planned) maintenance of buildings and installations: Facility management. Specialized cleaning. Regular and systematic checks. Painting maintenance. Professional Pest Management. Hygiene control. Etc. And also emergency maintenance.

Another important group is the suppliers, distributors, importers, exporters of goods in the B2B markets with technical aspects. They also supply services for those products.

CLEON  provides market research, supports product introductions, writes application instructions and offers training in successful business management, supplies business develop consultancy to individual companies.

o Supports answering the questions before market entry and introduction of products or services;
o Advises and supports with improving strategy;
o Does market research on commission and for its own account and risk. (quantitative and qualitative research in B2B markets);
o Carries out interim management assignments;

CLEON  knows how the market of tomorrow and in 6 months looks like!
CLEON  knows what interests you, how you can stand out and what your message should be!

July 2011 - July 2013:Director Marketing/ Export KillgermRIWA & Killgerm Benelux

Sold RIWA to the Killgerm droup. Incorperated in Killgerm Benelux. Responsible for growing export in EU and integration. Integration of RIWA in Killgerm organization.

October 2004 - July 2011: DGA (directory and majority shareholder) of RIWA:

RIWA is a distribution company for insecticides, rodenticides, pheromones, tools, etc, and was set up in 1937. The company built up a good reputation due to its progressive methods of work, innovative products and customer focus. B2B. Customer base consisted of pest management professionals, national and international distributors. Technical support at a high level.

September 2001 - September 2004: Self-employed Interim Manager.

Executed advice assignments and short-term interim assignments, including speeding up time of starting work for contractor after receiving an order. Better tenders and less complaints. Studied NLP, TLT, Jung.

April 2000 - September 2001: Interim General Manager. Van Waveren Inc. (Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.)

Van Waveren used to be a large flower bulb export company. Clients in the U.S. included Wal*Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. In September 2001 taken over by another Dutch company. Interim general manager.


1. Operational results: significant improvements

2. Impressive operational efficiency

3. Prep for and execution of take over process

August 1989 - January 2000: Manager Product Sales Europe.


Wholesale and distribution of pest control products in the Netherlands and export to fellow wholesalers in Europe.

November 1982 - August 1989: Market Manager AkzoNobel Coatings (Sikkens).

Worked at the profit centre for trade building paint supplies. A.o. technical advisor, product manager, market manager, colour advise centre, marketing experience, general management, added values as driver for success, product introductions

1980 - 1982: Farmer  Fabritius Rantasalmi Finland.

During several periods, totalling 10 months, worked and studied in Finland in order to gain skills in the Finnish language. Combined one and another with finishing higher technical education courses. Gained experience in forestry, agriculture, nature and technology, and in producing in a minimalist way. 40 ha fields and 80 ha production forest.


Additional information:

Characteristics   Skills

Creative & Innovative
Solution orientated
Quality focused Analytical
Enterprising Stayer & bold
Involved & enthusiastic
Motivator & stimulator
Result orientated Creat Change
Clear & no-nonsense Concrete & tenacious
Client = Number 1
Interested in people Focus on results of today and tomorrow
Hands-on & doer Stimulate employees to get the best out of themselves



1988-1998 Trainer for NIMA A and B business marketing courses
1986-1997 Member Junior Chamber Bollenstreek
1996-1999 Examiner For account manager course SRM
Since 1998 Member of Lionsclub Lisse de Oude Duinen service club
2012-2013 Treasurer of Society Nederland Finland



Higher technical education [HTS] Technological Economics B.Sc. (B.BA) 1980-1982
HTS Architecture and Construction Engineering B.Sc. 1976-1980
HTS Foundation year 1975-1976
MTS Electro-technics 1974-1975
MAVO 1970-1974






Evening and day courses, and other studies:

Various NLP studies (including Time Line Therapy since 2006
NLP Advanced Master Practitioner Certificate 2003-2006
In house courses at Sikkens and Terminix 1982-2000
ServiceMaster Advanced Mangement Course 1998
Training Junior Chamber 1986-1997
IBO business school, Business Studies 1987-1988
NIMA B (Business Marketing) 1986


Language skills:

Dutch, English, German, and basic conversational skills in Finnish and French.

Other activities/ hobbies:

Member of the Lions, skiing, jogging, cooking, 19th, 20th and 21st century art, nature travel, Finland.

You are the entrepreneur. You know the customer and his needs. You know what motivates the customer to do business with you. Where does tommorow's growth come from? What are the developments in the market, technology, legislation and regulations? How do developments such as big data, sensors, IOT, ......, etc. affect your chances in the market? Do you have a plan that you are currently carrying out? If not, we will make and implement your plan for the future.