Are you an entrepreneur in the SME sector?

As an entrepreneur you decide everything yourself. Do you always have sufficient knowledge, insights, data and predictions about the market of tommorow. Yet you have te make choices. That is why it is good to be connected with people who can support you with the growth of your company, overcome bottlenecks, provide insights into what the future can look like and help you to prepare fot that future.


With the creation of Cleon I had three goals in mind:

1. use my experience, knowledge and expertise to let fellow entrepreneurs succeed and remain successful, regardless of whether they are performing well, are challenged or are in trouble.

2. to give the individual entrepreneur insight into market developments, particularly in his market and, above all, to involve the developments of technology and communication with customers that are important to him.

3. to help entrepreneurs (mostly agricultural) from outside the EU, Norway and Switzerland (EUNS) in sourcing and trading activities.

I am accredited associate at the Institute for Independent Business, IIB Logo

As an independent consultant I support SME entrepreneurs with sustainable and practical advice for improving the results their companies. I am mainly guided by the actual situation, their personal ambition and convictions, market conditions and position. The guiding principle here is to forsee the developments through market research in the supply chain.

Business Support Program; Practical advise that works!

My strong point is to quickly see through the core (s) of the development in the past, present and the future and, through the Business Support Program (BSP), to draw up an agenda of subjects, order and a workable timeline that is at the core of the cooperation. This BSP is implemented through flexible deployment for a longer period, based on a pre-agreed number of half-days per month.

The first meeting: it's free of charge!

My core values ​​are: inventive and innovative, creative, technical, marketing, business administration, success creation.

When necessary or desired, I use my IIB network of functional or branch specialists to help solve partial problems. I also have extensive experience in marketing, operational management, entrepreneur / DGA, conducting management, purchasing and production, financial topics and business economics, technology, product development, international distribution, interim management.

Another form of BSP is personal sparring partner: what does the longer term look like, what developments in the world play a role in the future of your company and how do you prepare your company and staff for opportunities and threats. What does this mean for your entrepreneurship and your ambitions?

My motivation is to get my clients to achieve what they dream of!

You are the entrepreneur. You know the customer and his needs. You know what motivates the customer to do business with you. Where does tommorow's growth come from? What are the developments in the market, technology, legislation and regulations? How do developments such as big data, sensors, IOT, ......, etc. affect your chances in the market? Do you have a plan that you are currently carrying out? If not, we will make and implement your plan for the future.